4 Tips To Deal With Mold Allergies

One of the most common allergens out there is mold. The tiny spores that mold uses to spread around can be so microscopic so it can easily get into homes. And when people breathe it in, the mold spores can cause all sorts of irritation to happen in their air passageways. If you are suffering from an allergy attack due to molds, then you know just how severe it can be. In some people, it can actually cause them to stop breathing because their airways are too swollen from irritation. And that is why it is important that you follow these tips to reduce mold in your home.


  1. Use an air filter

Using an air filter is a very effective way to get rid of mold in your home. As an added bonus, an air filter will also be able to get rid of dust, pollen, and other kinds of allergens in the air inside of your home. So you will be breathing much easier if you have got an air filter. It is best to leave an air filter running for the duration of the time that you are home, in order to ensure that all the allergens that are present in the air, are completely filtered out.


  1. Clean your carpets and curtains

The carpets, curtains and other fabric areas of your home are prime places where mold spores could be. So in order to completely get rid of all of the mold in your home, you should regularly clean your carpets and curtains. And if you have got a rug at home, those will have to be cleaned as well. If your carpets and curtains can be removed, you should probably just toss them in the washing machine for a full cycle. However, if it is more difficult to clean your carpets, you may have to hire professional cleaners to take care of that cleaning job.


  1. Change air filters

The air filters of your air conditioning should be cleaned or changed regularly. Over time, dust and dirt could build up in these areas of your air conditioning. So that means that they would be perfect breeding grounds for mold. And that is why if you do not want to be breathing in mold spores from your air conditioning, you should switch out and clean its filters. This also applies to the air conditioning filters found in your car as well, since mold may also grow there too. The filters of your air conditioning should be cleaned out every several months or so.


  1. Vacuum regularly

Even if you do not have any carpets or rugs at home, you should still vacuum your floor regularly. Mold spores could have clung to the soles of your shoes and spread across your home as you walk across of it. Therefore, in order to remove all traces of mold that is on your floor, you should use a vacuum. By using a vacuum, you will also be able to get rid of dust particles as well. And this is another common allergen that could trigger an allergic attack.

These are just some tips that you can follow in order to reduce your chances of getting an allergic reaction due to the presence of mold spores. Remember, you will need to keep your home clean if you want to remove all traces of mold spores from the interior of your home. You will need to be vigilant and diligent in cleaning your home if you want to remove any and all traces of mold. It is a guarantee that if you keep your home clean that you will be able to breathe easier.