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               Puyang Bao LiTong Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, it is located in Puyang City which is the birthplace of Dragon.       Our company is a joint-stock enterprise.  We are a first class authorized company of SINOPEC,and member of CCOIC,CCPIT and CCCME. The registered capital is 5.016 million RMB, the company covers an area of 19600 square meters, owns... [detail]
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          ·Puyang city treasure LiTong petroleum machine... 2012-01-03
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          Address: The west of Yellow River Road, Puyang City,  Henan Provice, China .
          Phone: +86-393-8910958
          Fax:    +86-393-8910966
          Attn   : Linda cheng
          Mobile: +86-13912509378
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          Address: The west of Yellow River Road, Puyang City. Tel: 86-393-8910958 Fax:86-393-8910966 mobile phone:86-13912509378 Copyright: Puyang Bao LiTong petroleum machinery Co., LTD Technical support: Zhengzhou Website Website Experts